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At Bye-Bye Home Northeast, we understand that in order to help our sellers, we need to have access to investors looking to buy.  We specialize in helping rehabbers and other investors find investment properties of interest in desirable areas across the Northeast and beyond. 

When we find deals, our goal is to pass them on to investors who will are willing to make the best of the bad situation. The best way to get early access to our most desirable, deeply discounted properties is through our BBH VIP BUYERS’ CLUB

When you sign up for our VIP Buyers’ Club, you will receive an email as soon as we acquire any property we contract that fits your specifications. If you’re interested in purchasing investment properties that you can rehab and flip or if you’re looking to purchase and hold the property as a rental property, … joining our VIP BUYERS’ CLUB will ensure that as soon as we get the property, you’ll be the first to know! Our VIP BUYERS’ CLUB members will receive early access to all of our latest properties before we list them on our website.

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Great deals are everywhere in today’s market. But there are far more investors looking than there are properties for sale. And as we all know, the early bird catches the worm! The investors who have the best marketing, systems, and connections snap up the best deals, usually before they ever hit the market.  This can be you, too when you join the BBH VIP BUYER’S CLUB! We specialize in helping investors find:

  1. Foreclosures
  2. Distressed properties
  3. Deeply discounted single and multi-family homes
  4. Fixer uppers/ Cosmetic rehab deals

     5.  Bank owned foreclosures / REO properties


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We’ve Done the Footwork, So You Don’t Have To!

At Bye-Bye Home Northeast, we have already done the work and made the investments to generate a consistent stream of deeply discounted deals.  Because we come across so many great deals (30% – 50% below market value) we simply can’t buy and keep all of these properties ourselves… and frankly we’re really good at finding properties but hate owning properties 🙂

Bottom line, if you’re a real estate investor and are looking for the perfect investment property, let us help you!  Just tell us what your buying criteria is, and we’ll custom search for properties for you that fit your criteria. The beauty of it is you never pay for our service… we make our money by adding on a small fee once you close on one of our properties.


At Bye-Bye Home Northeast, we also partner with eligible local investors who are looking to leverage real estate. Let us show you new ways to diversify your investments and earn good returns. Be sure to ask one of our representatives for more information about our joint business ventures.


Not Just for Investors!

While most of the properties we acquire are purchased by real estate investors, if you are looking for a home to live in yourself… you’re at the right place! Our BBH VIP BUYERS’ CLUB is for ANY type of buyer!  Because we offer these great houses at such steep discounts, they do tend to sell fast… so make sure you’re pre-qualified with your bank (we can help you with that if you’d like) before you make an offer on one of our houses.

In the end, we’ve gotten to where we are today because we’ve focused on becoming really good at finding great deals, marketing, and passing those deals off to people like you at a huge discount.  That’s all we do.  You can rest assured that we are a great company to work with… and we’re just real people just like you.


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