Are You Interested in a Career in Real Estate? Earn Extra Income Finding Properties for Us!

Is there a vacant house at the end of the street that you’d love someone to buy and fix up? When you’re driving around town, do you see properties that are boarded up, have fire damage, or just need a little TLC? Then, while you might not realize it yet, you are already a Property Specialist (also known as a House Hunter).

Bye-Bye Home we’re looking for Property Specialist from the areas we service who can help us locate properties and the motivated sellers who own them. Becoming a Property Specialist is simple:

1.    Fill out the form on this page. We’ll reach out, find out about you, where you are located, your goals. We’ll provide you with our criteria list to help guide your search.

2.    On the way home from work, while out for a jog, going to the grocery store… whatever you do as a part of your everyday life, take a look around. If you find a property that fits what we’re looking for, write it down.

3.    Send us as much information about the property as you can gather (the more information you give us, the faster we can get the property under contract).

4.    We send you a contract (to protect your interest in the property).


If we are able to get the property under contract, 

we’ll pay you $500 – $1,500 “finder’s fee within 7 days of closing.


As a BBH Property Specialist, you can earn up to $5K per month finding properties on our behalf. We also contract our Property Specialists to visit and photograph the property once we are able to get in contact with the owner (doing that part is up to you, though).

PLUS, as a bonus you’ll get to learn our process of investing real estate in the process!

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