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We are one of the top real estate investment companies in the Northeast. We specialize in purchasing distressed properties (multi-family, corporate, retail, single-family, bank REO’s, sellers wanting to sell quickly) and partnering with property sellers who either can’t or don’t want to sell using the traditional route. 

Don’t give up on that old property! 

At Bye-Bye Home Northeast, our mission is to get distressed properties into the hands of investors who seek to restore and revive the communities where they are located. We are able to, not only, get you a cash offer for your property but also have the ability to close quickly. We will get you a fair purchase price that requires no appraisals, no traditional lender-required repairs, and we charge NO FEES. We buy all types of properties in any condition.


Not all “We buy houses” companies are created equal.

We are not just another one of those “We buy houses companies.” We are a qualified provider of real estate solutions and investment opportunities. At Bye-Bye Home Northeast, we stand behind our clients 100%. Our uncompromising business model is designed to make the buying and selling process personal and painless. All of our business practices are centered around three main principles: People, Service, and Integrity


Our primary focus is on the client. We know how frustrating and daunting the process of selling a property can be. We also recognize that people have many reasons for having to do so. At Bye-Bye Home Northeast, we take the time to speak to each potential client to find out what their needs and wants are. From there, we are better equipped to make sure that we can meet each persons’ individual needs. Therefore, as real estate professionals, we handle the advice we give honestly and frankly and take on the responsibility of being compassionate and respectful of individual needs 


We believe in our ability to provide a highly personal, professional, and valuable service to our clients. We strive to give our clients a stress-free level of service no matter what the circumstances are. We understand that the process of property acquisitions and sales can feel daunting, so we focus on making that easier by providing a variety of services that will make the process easier for our clients. 


When we say, “We buy houses in any condition,” we mean it! We stand by our word. Our primary goal is to provide creative solutions for sellers that will help them sell your old, distressed properties and opportunities for flippers, and investors by helping them locate the perfect investment property. Our team of knowledgeable Real Estate investment agents will meet with you and give you an honest assessment of your property and do everything we can to get you the very best offer possible.

Are you looking to sell your property? Let us help you with that! Enter your information and get ready to say “Bye-Bye” to that unwanted property!



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